Pavé Board Game - An NZ Original

Pavé board game

Find out why everyone is raving about this game and giving it 5 star reviews.

Hone your skills and focus with this unique Kiwi-designed take on the tabletop genre.

Pavé is an original kiwi strategy game.

A two-player piece domination game played across a grid that is deceptively simple, emergently complex, and ruthlessly competitive, Pavé is a timeless game for all ages.

It appeals to abstract strategy gamers of all ages, and we believe is destined to be a classic, legacy household game title.

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23 June 2023

We had the delight of exhibiting at this years Wellycon game expo at Tākina conference center in Wellington.

It was awesome - thank you so much to our superfans and to the new people who discovered our game! We were one of the most heavily played games at the expo and sold out of stock!

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