If both players have valid lines connecting their respective board edges, then the player that ends the game by saying "Pavé" loses.
To win when saying "Pavé" at the end of your turn, you must have the only completed path.
You may choose not to say "Pavé" at the end of your turn, even if you have a completed path, and allow the game to continue. At this point, the best way to win is to disconnect your opponents path first, or hope that your opponent says "Pavé" to perform a win check, while you still have a completed path.

For 2 pieces to be considered connected, there are 4 conditions that must be met.

  • The pieces must be correctly placed (aligned correctly on a space in one of the 8 rotations, and not incorrectly stacked).
  • The pieces being checked for a connection must be at the top of any stacks they are in.
  • The pieces must be in adjacent spaces on the board (diagonal is permitted).
  • Each of the 2 pieces that are connected must have line segments that face the other piece. The line cannot bend or turn in the space between the pieces, it must be a straight line.

While the Sun and Moon pieces can be played on top of any other pieces, the Sun and Moon cannot be played on top of each other. Pieces played in stacks may only be played on top of pieces with a lower power value than the piece played, and the Sun and Moon have the same power value as each other.

The board corners allow connections for both players.

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