Pave 3D render
Number of Players
Average Playtime
5 - 20mins
Release Date
Game Genre

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Hone your skills and focus with this unique Kiwi-designed 2 player strategy game

Created by game designers Buddy Frost, and Rox Flame, this engaging 2 player game is destined to be a classic, legacy household game title.

Pavé is a two-player piece domination game played across a grid that is deceptively simple, emergently complex, and ruthlessly competitive. Players play tokens with line patterns on them, to create a full path between their board edges while their opponent tries to create a path between the other 2 sides.

Players may also redirect the path by stacking the tokens which adds a dramatic layer of competitive strategy.

The core game concepts are:

  • Randomization
  • Hidden Information
  • Connections
  • A Dynamic Board State
  • Stacking

Pavé tests the player’s skills of

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Spatial awareness
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Calculating Probability
  • Bluffing and reading bluffs

It's part strategy, part luck and a whole lot of fun!

Players draw tokens at random from a bag, which means players will need to apply different strategies depending on what tokens they draw. Some games will have players racing to complete their path as fast as possible, while others will be more focused on defensive planning and evasion, while others might be about blocking out your opponents' board edges entirely.

"Our first time playing this brilliant game quickly filled in an hour and half with gawd know how many rounds. Easy to get the gist of and the chess-like strategy quickly became apparent. Soon we were blocking and countering each other’s moves and playing sneaky setups, getting frustrated, cheeky and annoyed with each other. 10/10 brilliant game!!"

Challenging, yet easy to learn and play, this game will challenge players’ spatial thinking and planning skills

Players start the game with a set of 5 random tokens which they keep topped up throughout the game. Tokens have pathways with 2 to 4 line segments for the player to connect to other tokens to form a full connected chain of tokens between their 2 board edges.

Players may also stack pieces to alter paths and redirect them on their turn. However, players can’t place their pieces on more powerful pieces. They must play pieces only on empty spaces, or stacked on top of lower-power pieces.

The 2 most powerful tokens can be placed anywhere. The Sun connects all surrounding pieces, and the Moon blocks a space completely.

Players have to plan their moves carefully and strategically in order to win the game, and with so many combinations available, players can develop their own unique strategies and paths to victory!

"If you've been looking for a different type of game to play that's easy to learn but difficult to master, Pavé may be just what you're looking for!"

"Pavé is now available for sale at $59.99."

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