New shiny official Pave release!

We're proud to introduce a new super slick version of our board game Pavé. We worked painstakingly to make this release as beautiful and crisp as possible. We think you'll agree that this is the best Pavé has ever looked.

You can buy the new version of Pavé through GameKings, our amazing distribution and publishing partner, here. Or you can even start buying it at your local Whitcoulls! If they don’t have it in stock, you should be able to ask for it and they can order in some copies :)

Buy Pavé

Reception of the game has been overwhelmingly positive, and reading all your reviews has been such a joy. We can’t state this enough, we’re so grateful for our fans. The joy you get playing Pavé is so rewarding for us and drives us to want to make more cool stuff for you all! While we can’t make any promises about what or when that cool stuff will be available, we can promise that we have things in the works, and we hope you’ll enjoy those too :)

Check out some of these reviews!

“Our first time playing this brilliant game quickly filled in an hour and half with gawd know how many rounds. Easy to get the gist of and the chess-like strategy quickly became apparent. Soon we were blocking and countering each other’s moves and playing sneaky setups, getting frustrated, cheeky and annoyed with each other. 10/10 brilliant game!!”

“Honestly one of the best games I’ve played in a really really long time. We just play round after round, super addictive, and really intense!”

“I ordered Pave one day and it arrived the next day! It is a great game. It can be as simple or as strategic as you want to make it. I like that it is quick and easy to set up and the game can be played in quick succession or it can be drawn out if you fancy a really strategic game”

Past Events

We’ve been so excited about our new release that we’ve hosted some Pavé games nights in our HQ city, Wellington, which have been really fun. We hosted a night at Counter Culture (Who are also now stocking the game), and a games night at Meow (a local bar).

Pavé was also selling at a vendor at the latest “Armageddon” in Tauranga, and it was a hit.

Upcoming Events

We’ve secured a table at Wellycon, so if you’re interested in coming to see us and play some games, grab a ticket here!

Rox, our Melbourne-based product designer is also going to be attending some events in Melbourne during MIGW, so if you want to chat, grab a beer, or play some rounds of Pavé you can probably track Rox down there via his Twitter @roxflame :)

Extra stuff

We’ve had some queries come through on some rules clarifications, so we put in some effort to make a more detailed Rules page on our website. If you ever need to remember where it is, it’s linked from the QR code on the QuickStart guide in the box, or, you can find it here

How to Play

We also have a Discord community, in case you want to join us for online gaming nights, chat Pavé strategies, access the Beta version of Pavé digital, learn more about upcoming games projects, or just hang out and share memes with like-minded Pavé players.




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